Health, Safety, Sustainability and Environment Policy

Energie Shine is committed to supporting strong performance and management of health, safety, sustainability and environment in the way we do our work. To ensure this Energie Shine is committed to achieving our Zero Harm goals of

  • No harm to our people and the public, and
  • Minimising our impact on the environment

Zero Harm is about creating a culture where individuals are both responsible for and supported to make improvements in HSSE performance. It is about looking after ourselves, our work mates, our contractors and the environment at all times and across all our activities.

Zero Harm – your goal

To achieve this, you are responsible for

  • Working safely
  • Demonstrating care for the environment in the way you work
Zero Harm – our journey

To achieve this, you are responsible for

  • Carefully planning and managing our impacts, proactively identifying and managing risks to prevent harm
  • Monitoring, intervening, delaying or stopping activities that have the potential to cause injury, ill health or adverse environmental impacts, including pollution, until effective controls are in place
  • Actively encouraging and supporting each other to improve health, safety, general wellbeing and fitness, including participating in workplace health, wellbeing and employee assistance programs
  • Ensuring employees are supported when injured or ill, regardless of whether the injury or illness occurs at work or at home
  • Seeking out, identifying and implementing sustainability opportunities, particularly those that help meet our customer needs at the lowest sustainable cost
  • Actively reporting all health, safety and environmental incidents or concerns, including near-hits